Bingo Caller has various useful benefits that make it a very versatile bingo number calling system, plus Bingo Caller is simple to use and has an uncomplicated user interface. Great!

Key benefits of Bingo Caller

  • Large, fullscreen display of numbers
  • Optional display of rhyming calls
  • Choose between 90 number and 75 number bingo games
  • Speech synthesis of numbers – including rhyming calls, and in different styles
  • Display of previously drawn numbers and total numbers drawn
  • Customisable font colours

Extra benefits for commercial/business use

  • Customisable backgrounds – Use your own logo on the Calling screen
  • Multi-monitor support – Show the calling screen on one monitor/projector and the current drawn numbers on another
  • Great revenue earner – pays for itself in a single evening!

Click here to download the demo version now – 3.5MB

Large, fullscreen display of numbers

Bingo Caller displays the current number being drawn, plus (optionally) the rhyming call for that number, in a large font on a black background. This is very useful for projecting the bingo calls onto the wall, outputting to a television or simply displaying on your monitor. You could show the screen to the players, or use the large display to ensure you don’t have any problems reading the numbers drawn.

Optional display of rhyming calls

Bingo Caller can display the rhyming call for the current number that has been drawn, and this is shown at the bottom of the screen. These calls are stored in a text file in the Bingo Caller installation directory for easy editing and you can customise these to your liking.

Choose between 90 number and 75 number bingo games

Bingo Caller supports both European/Australian bingo (90 numbers) and American/Canadian bingo (75 numbers).
This can be changed instantly at run time by the press of a button.
New!! – As of version 1.2, Bingo Caller now calls the letter on American bingo mode (i.e: B-4) and the display of numbers drawn is in a more suitable format for American bingo callers.

Speech synthesis of numbers

If you have Microsoft’s Speech API installed on your machine (Windows XP and higher have this by default) then Bingo Caller can announce the current numbers through your PC’s sound card.
If you don’t have the latest version of the Speech API (SAPI) installed, you can download it in the download area here: Download Area

Display of previously drawn numbers and total numbers drawn

When a player calls ‘House’ or ‘Bingo’, you can recall all the previously drawn numbers with the press of a single key on the keyboard. This allows for quick and easy ticket validation.
You also get a read-out of the total numbers drawn, allowing bonuses to be paid for early winners.

Customisable font colours

Choose the best colours for your use – Bingo Caller allows you to set the main number draw colour and the colour of the rhyming calls.

Why not download the trial version now, and see for yourself how simple and effective Bingo Caller is.

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