We want you to have tons of fun using our software and we take full responsibility for anything that gets in the way of that.

1. We Guarantee Our Software Is 100% Bug-Free!

How can this be? Bug-free, surely not?

Ok, it’s probably impossible to create a totally bug-free program, but we don’t care! If you encounter bugs in any of our software, we promise to fix them pronto. Give us just 10 days to find and fix any bugs you’ve found, or you’ll receive a full refund for your purchase.
As software buyers ourselves, we hate to spend our hard-earned money on software and then find it won’t run properly. We don’t want you to have to suffer any frustration whatsoever.

2. We Guarantee It Will Run On Your Computer!

Even if there’s a problem preventing our software from working that’s not our fault, like a Windows bug or graphics problem, we’ll still give you a full refund if we can’t help you fix it.

Our software’s machine requirements are very basic, so even a 5-year-old PC should be able to run it without any issues. If you can’t get to the point of enjoying our programs as we intended, we certainly don’t expect you to pay for them. We believe all software should be sold this way.

3. We Guarantee You’ll Get Great Support!

We love our customers, and we’d love you to become one!

We ensure that our customers receive the best possible pre-sales and after-sales support. If you buy software from us and we can’t resolve the issues you have then we will give you back all your money, no questions asked. We like to think we provide superb support, and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is with our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

5. We Guarantee Your Data!

With identity fraud on the rise, shopping on the internet can be worrying. We promise that we will never sell, distribute or reveal any of your details to anyone else unless you’ve provided us a testimonial to publish with your permission.

When you order from us, be aware that we don’t see your credit card details or store them anywhere. Your payment is processed by one of the biggest shareware payment processors, PayPal, who process the orders on our behalf. We cannot access your billing information. No human being actually sees your credit card number at any time while your order is being processed — it’s all handled by computers, and your data is securely encrypted.

Is this really true?

Yes, it’s totally true. We didn’t go into business just to make money. We went into business to provide the best products we can, and the best service we can.

We’re confident that software like Bingo Caller will provide you with exactly what you want, be it fun, features or fundraising abilities.

And just to make it absolutely, perfectly clear, we assume 100% responsibility for making sure you have total satisfaction. We don’t care if you’ve never downloaded software before, if you’re brand new to computing, or if your computer is so old that the case is made of wood. If something is dampening your satisfaction then we’re responsible. So we guarantee that you’ll have fun without frustration. No bugs. No spam. Great support. Total privacy. Oh, and lots of fun too! If you experience anything less, you don’t pay a penny.

Lots of companies out there give a disclaimer with their software that has a million and one ‘get out clauses’ of how they aren’t responsible for anything.

Consider this our reverse-disclaimer.

We’re telling you right now that if you have a problem, we are responsible. Just give us the chance to sort things out and we’ll pull out all the stops to fix it. If we still can’t fix it, we don’t want your money. It’s more important that we learn from our mistakes and make real changes to prevent them from ever happening again. For us to accept your money when we let you down just isn’t right.

Please Let Us Know What You Think

Our mission is simple. We want you to get a lot more fun, joy, and inspiration out of life than you’re getting now, and you shouldn’t have to experience any frustration along the way. Real life is hard enough that it’s a real shame when a piece of software leaves you feeling frustrated. If you know of any other ways we can improve our service to you, please let us know. The contents of the feedback form on the Contact Us page goes straight to the inbox of the company owner.

Thanks for your interest in our software.

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